Cubot C9 Review

The Cubot C9 offers Dual sim capabilities however neither Sim Slot is capable of supporting 3G. 

(MPOV) Mans Point of view
 Two sims would come in handy for work and friends.

(WPOV) womans Point of view
One number for those great guys that work at being my  friend and the other for guys  that don't.

The friend zone just went mobile 

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Fresh out the box it operates Android 2.3 which can be upgraded however any supplier will deem its warranty void if the android operating system is changed.
That makes me feel as though this cubot will self destruct in one operating system upgrade. 
I suppose they have to do it the  same rule is applied altering the firmware. In a way they are doing me a favour because if they had not I would not think twice about scowling the net for every upgrade known to man. 
Runs at  1.0GH with 256 RAM 
256 RAM is Terrible for a computer and anything else except a reasonably priced android phone. Will you be able to run the most demanding game in the world no but it will get you by most apps smoothly.

Hands on User Review


Visually a very close fit to a Sony Xperia U however the screen is slightly bigger on the C9'send 3.5 to 4.0 Inches. I'd favour the C9 designs because  more color option is available and those colors are more pronounced across the body of the phone.  On the Sony U  color changes are only visible on the bottom where as the C9 changes the body. I loved the blue that's why I used it for most of the C9 Pics

The C8 before had an antenna attached for television  watching capability. No TV for the C9 and I don't care. Everything can be watched online even live TV so what's the point in a phone even considering TV as a quote, feature.





Dual SIm
play store
Gravity Sensor
Multi Touch

Looks great in blue
Ok maybe that's not a feature but it  looks so awesome it should be allowed
to be stated one.

Easy to Use
The phone is beautiful For Price great value for money   
Light weight
Did I mention the blue feature
Many features
value for money
No 3G 
A telecommunicational portal to the friend zone  
I love the  design of the phone and vast features considering the price  the feature list is excellent. A great phone for practical use. 

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  1. does snapchat work on it?

  2. if i use this for straight talk what sim card do i need?

    1. Any Sim from any GSM network will work 2G:bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz no 3G or 4G Example: T MobileAT or at&t

  3. does it have much memory

    1. No the RAM space is only 256MB basically the bare minimum to run tasks but adequate for nothing fancy. ROM space is also alow 512MB and an SD card no larger than 16GB can be used.

  4. Buen teléfono I like it! Su súper funcionamiento es muy sencillo y rápido. Es un Android 4.2.2 Dual Core de teléfono, voy a considerar para comprar una.

  5. I am using a family mobile sim card and cannot get the phone to an anyone help?

    1. I don't quite understand the question can you be clearer

  6. Can the phone take a micro sim card or dose have to be a standard sim?