DOOGEE Collo DG100 Review

One of the first to use a MTK6572 Dual Core Chip the Doogee Collo DG100 has taken advantage  by offerings 3G, bluetooth and GPS. The front camera is 2.0MP  and the back 5MP. 720p videos can be recorded which is high definition.

Android 4.2.2 is  pre installed which is a huge benefit  because upgrading like rooting will null warranty and android 4.2.2 is the second most recent version of android to date. Many android of similar price cubot  C series phones cough cough only use android 2.3.
Memory has got to be the highlight of the DG100 of the 4g ROM 2.4GB is available for use.A 512MB RAM which is not great for multiple tasks but will do most things.
Compared to a Cubot c series phone  one of the best low priced android the DG100 has blown it out of the water and after seeing the amount the DG100 has  to  offer I can eaily imagine Dogee becoming one  of the top Chinese brand for low priced android phones.

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